AXXDIV2.0 Compound Collection

Axxam offers access to the entirely new generation screening collection AXXDIV2.0 for hit identification programs. The collection consists of around 240,000 drug-like and lead-like compounds whose selection was carried out building on Axxam’s broad screening expertise, with significant input given by the company’s team of medicinal and computational chemists. The goal was  to ensure that the identified screening hits could represent promising and favorable starting points for further optimization. Only compounds that have been available on the market for less than three years were considered in the selection process.


In order to meet the manifold needs of customers, the new screening collection AXXDIV2.0 includes three different subsets:

1. Discovery set:

  • About 180,000 compounds selected using a scaffold approach  
  • 10 chemotypes per cluster to provide SAR information
  • Average MW: 317.97
  • Average ALogP: 2.12

2. Explorer set:

  • About 48,000 compounds selected for maximum diversity within the chemical space
  • Highest coverage of diversity ideally suited for novel target space
  • Average MW: 352.24
  • Average ALogP: 2.40

3. Probe set:

  • About 12,000 compounds selected using a fragment-like selection approach
  • Low MW, ideal starting point for further optimization
  • Average MW: 209.00
  • Average ALogP: 1.50

AXXDIV2.0 is available for screening and for selection of compounds for hit expansion.

Download AXXDIV2.0 flyer