Nov 2017

leadXpro and Axxam enter collaboration on a GPCR lead discovery project

Milan, Italy, & Villigen, Switzerland, 1st of November 2017 - Axxam SpA and leadXpro AG announce today a collaboration for the discovery of novel small molecule lead compounds for a newly discovered GPCR involved in inflammatory processes.

In the collaboration, Axxam and leadXpro will combine their expertise in assay development, high throughput screening, membrane protein generation, structure determination and application of biophysical methods to investigate the interaction of small molecule ligands with challenging membrane protein drug targets to facilitate the discovery and optimization of novel lead molecules.

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Sep 2017

Axxam consolidates its collaboration with Genedata

September 27, 2017 - Axxam is glad to announce that the fruitful collaboration with Genedata, a leading provider of advanced software solutions for R&D, has been strengthened by the extension of the license for Genedata Screener®, a research platform for data analysis. “Since 2008, we have been using Genedata Screener for high throughput screening programs,” says our CEO Dr. Stefan Lohmer. “The platform is integral to all our screening service offerings and provides everything our customers are looking for in terms of data comparability, traceability, and quality of results.”
For more information, please open the Press Release from Genedata.

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Sep 2017

Axxam Enters Into Research Collaboration with Sanofi in the Field of Neurodegeneration

September 5 2017 - Milan (Italy) - Axxam S.p.A today announced the start of a research collaboration with Sanofi designed to further optimize a number of lead series of small molecules targeted against a range of diseases of the central nervous system (CNS).

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Aug 2017

Axxam enters into a Research Collaboration with Enamine for the enhancement of the Axxam Screening Collection

August 1st, 2017 – Milan (Italy) and Kiev (Ukraine) - Axxam S.p.A. and Enamine Ltd. today announced the start of a Research Collaboration to enhance the Axxam small molecule screening library with the addition of a further set of compounds aimed at early-stage CNS drug discovery, achieving a total library size of ca. 280,000 compounds.

Over the course of the collaboration, Axxam and Enamine scientists will work together to apply a series of literature and proprietary chemoinformatics principles based on generating a highly diverse set of compounds with properties aimed at crossing the blood-brain barrier. Enamine will then provide these compounds, which will significantly augment the existing CNS compound collection at Axxam.

This is the latest phase of a long-standing relationship between the two companies that resulted in the construction of the current AXXDIV2.0 library at Axxam.

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Jun 2017

Axxam coordinates European research project on chronic pain for innovative medicines

Milan (Italy) – June 15th, 2017 – Axxam is proud to announce its participation to the NGN-PET project, that will provide a translational platform of rodent and human neuropathic pain models for the identification and validation of new targets and biomarkers, and suitable for the discovery of new drugs. The project investigates neuron-glia interactions for the identification of novel therapeutic approaches, and for the development of innovative drug screening systems including hiPSC systems.
The IMI2 project was launched on April the 1st  and is coordinated by Axxam; the project Leader is ESTEVE supported by Grünenthal GmbH as project Co-Leader.
For more information please open the Press Release from the NGN-PET Consortium.

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Feb 2017

Axxam and Fulcrum Therapeutics Initiate a Partnership for the Provision of Drug Discovery Services for Genetic Diseases

February 1st, 2017 - Axxam SpA (Milan/Italy), an innovative Partner Research Organization (iPRO) and leading provider of discovery services has entered into an agreement with Fulcrum Therapeutics Inc., a U.S.-based biotech founded in July 2016 by Third Rock Ventures. Fulcrum Therapeutics is focused on discovering and developing small molecule therapies to unlock gene control and the collaboration will utilize Axxam’s world-leading screening platform to identify novel targets for regulating gene expression. The programme will initially focus on genetic diseases where no effective treatment options currently exist.

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Jan 2017

Axxam SpA is a member of the PHAGO Consortium

Milan (Italy) - January, 11th 2017 - Axxam is proud to announce its participation to the PHAGO project, an innovative research project devoted to the development of immunomodulatory therapies for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Axxam will contribute its expertise for the development of high-throughput screening systems suitable for the discovery of modulators of the TREM2/CD33 pathway. For more information please open the Press Release from the Phago Consortium.

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