Axxam Awarded FIT Grant for Novel Target Identification

Axxam is pleased to announce the award of a grant from the Italian Ministero delle Attività; Produttive (MAP). The grant of €2.93 million will support a three year project in the field of novel target identification for pharmaceutical screening and recognizes the contribution of Axxam to Technological Innovation in the Regione Lombardia (Fondo speciale rotativo per l’Innovazione Technologica, FIT).
The funding will allow Axxam scientists to apply various technology platforms with the goal to identify novel and durable targets in selected therapeutic areas, such as pain, osteoporosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)/asthma.
The grant consists of a non-refundable portion (40 per cent) and financing for the remaining 60 percent repayable over a 13-year period with favourable terms.