Axxam Provides Screening Assays to NIH Chemical Genomics Centre for Collaboration on NIH Roadmap Initiative

Axxam announced today that it has signed an agreement with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to provide access to a selection of screening assays of special interest to the NIH Chemical Genomics Centre (NCGC) for use in the screening campaigns within the Molecular Libraries Roadmap Initiative.
The screening assays were developed and optimized at Axxam for ultra high-throughput screening (uHTS) applications using ultra sensitive signal detection methods.
“We are very pleased to collaborate with the NIH Chemical Genomics Centre in support of their screening efforts,” stated Dr. Lia Scarabottolo, head of cell biology at Axxam. “We believe that our expertise in the uHTS sector, with a particular emphasis on cell-based assays and their use in large screening campaigns, could provide an important contribution to the future success of the Roadmap initiative at the NCGC.”
About the NCGC and the NIH Roadmap Initiative

The NCGC is an ultrahigh-throughput screening and chemistry centre which discovers chemical probes of gene and cell functions across the genome using its quantitative HTS (qHTS) technology, and develops new paradigms for screening that enable chemical genomics and downstream drug development. Located within the National Human Genome Research Institute as part of the NIH Roadmap, all of the NCGC’s results are made freely available via PubChem ( NIH Roadmap for Medical research is a series of far-reaching initiatives designed to transform the Nation’s medical research capabilities and speed the movement of scientific discoveries from the bench to the bedside. It provides a framework of the priorities the NIH must address in order to optimize its entire research portfolio and lays out a vision for a more efficient and productive system of medical research. Additional information about the NCGC can be found at, about the NIH Roadmap at, and about the NIH at