Axxam announces the acquisition of molecular screening technologies and related intellectual property rights from Bayer HealthCare AG

Axxam, a leading science-driven biotechnology company which provides early-stage discovery research for the life science industry, has signed an agreement for the acquisition of molecular screening technologies and related patent rights from Bayer HealthCare AG.
The Bayer technologies covered in this agreement involve reporter gene applications and related technologies including:

  • a novel photoprotein for Ca2+ mobilisation assays
  • a novel secreted luciferase for reporter gene applications
  • a real time non-invasive luminescence-based cAMP detection method

This agreement will enhance Axxam’s growing molecular screening technologies patent portfolio. In particular, Axxam seeks patent protection to cover discoveries which include new Ca2+ activated photoproteins with improved light generation, innovative reporter gene systems and novel Green Fluorescence Proteins (GFPs), as well as new applications in the field of embryonic stem cell research that stably express reporter genes, such as photoproteins and transgenic animals capable of expressing the photoproteins in vivo.
These proprietary technologies will further strengthen Axxam’s position as a premier discovery partner for the life science industry.