Dompé farmaceutici and Axxam Announce the Extension of Their Drug Discovery and Development Collaboration

Dompé farmaceutici SpA and Axxam SpA announced today the renewal of the existing research collaboration for the discovery and development of novel drugs based on GPCRs and ion channel targets. Scientists from both companies will continue their joint programs for the drug discovery process in relevant disease areas. Steps in the process include target biology, target-based screening, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and preclinical and clinical development.

Dompé will bring expertise in the field of medicinal chemistry, oriented to the rational drug design of small molecular weight GPCRs modulators and in the pre-clinical and clinical development of innovative drugs. Axxam will contribute its expertise in lead discovery programs, based on a long experience in target biology, assay development, a careful selected large compound collection and high-throughput screening with high relevance for the discovery of modulators for GPCRs and ion channels. The number of disease targets, associated therapeutic areas and financial terms of the research collaboration are not disclosed by the companies.