Axxam and Xenome initiate discovery partnership focused on novel peptides against GPCR targets

Axxam SpA and Xenome Limited have entered a research collaboration agreement to combine Xenome’s expertise in peptide chemistry and peptide drug development with Axxam’s know-how in target biology, assay development and high-throughput screening with a view to the discovery and development of novel GPCR modulators.

Under the agreement, Axxam will screen Xenome’s proprietary xventure (TM) peptide library against five undisclosed GPCR targets in therapeutic areas including pain, obesity and ophthalmology. Xenome will optimize promising ‘hits’ resulting from the screening program in order to develop lead molecules suitable for pre-clinical development.

The xventure (TM) library is a proprietary collection of more than 5500 synthetic peptides that have been designed to mimic the structural motifs of bioactive peptides found in venoms. Central to the library is a novel molecular scaffold that was developed with the aim of producing drug candidates with the efficacy and specificity of peptides as well as the size and stability of smaller molecules. The library represents significant structural and chemical diversity and is suitable for high throughput screening as well as quick and efficient optimization based on Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) analysis.
Xenome will have the right to commercialize products arising from the collaboration with both companies sharing the financial outcomes. Financial terms of the agreement remain confidential.