Axxam and Lonza Announce the Signing of a License Agreement for the Use of Axxam’s Photoproteins in Lonza’s Calcium Biosensors

Axxam and Lonza are pleased to announce the signing of a license agreement enabling Lonza to include Axxam’s Photina®, i-Photina®and Clytin® Photoproteins as calcium biosensors in Lonza’s broad range of Clonetics® Primary Cells. This license agreement with Lonza allows Axxam to further validate and exploit its proprietary technology platform on photoproteins, and to address relevant market needs.

Clonetics® Primary Sensors build on Lonza’s position as the leading primary cell supplier and industry leading transfection capability to address the widely stated desire by researchers to measure drug targets in a biologically relevant environment. Well characterised primary cells are expanded to generate a sizeable and robust cell bank. The sensor is added to the cell using Lonza’s highly efficient Amaxa® Nucleofector® Technology and substrate is added before the cells are frozen. The customer receives a frozen, ready to use product.

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