Axxam and Polyphor Participate in a Research Partnership for the Treatment of Type-2 Diabetes Funded by the EU

Axxam Spa and Polyphor Ltd today announced a joint discovery research project for the generation of GLP-1R modulators. The partnership will receive funding from the EU as part of the Eurostars Program aimed at supporting innovation within the European Union.
The two companies will undertake a three-year research project with the objective of identifying and developing different classes of molecules as novel therapeutic agents to modulate the activity of the Glucagon-like-peptide 1 receptor (GLP-1R) for the treatment of Type-2 Diabetes.

Under the terms of this EU funded research partnership, Axxam and Polyphor will have the opportunity to apply their specific technologies to this complex target. Axxam will develop tailored functional assays to address the different mode of actions offered by the GLP-1R pharmacology and will use its HTS platform for identifying active compounds. Polyphor will apply its innovative technology platforms, PEMfinder® and MacroFinder® that have proven to generate promising PEMdrug candidates and highly potent and selective novel molecular entities, even on challenging biological targets.

With the advantages given by the combination of these assets, Axxam and Polyphor will probe the GLP-1R for molecules addressing different mechanisms of action, including allosteric modulators or inhibitors for receptor desensitization.

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