Axxam and Proximagen enter into a strategic collaboration for the discovery of novel molecules against targets for CNS disorders, pain and inflammation

January 10th 2018 – Milan (Italy) and Cambridge (UK) – Axxam S.p.A. and Proximagen Ltd. today announced a strategic drug discovery collaboration for the identification and optimisation of small molecules as potential therapeutics in the fields of neuroscience, pain and inflammation.

Over the course of the collaboration, Axxam and Proximagen scientists will collaborate to identify novel molecules modulating validated and promising biological targets of therapeutic interest for a range of disorders requiring novel therapeutic approaches. Starting from assay development and high throughput screening campaigns, using the Axxam AXXDIV3.0 library, the subsequent hits will be progressed through optimisation at Proximagen.

This collaboration is the latest evolution of an existing relationship between the two companies.

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