Axxam and ZoBio Form a Strategic Alliance Integrating their Drug Discovery Services Platforms

Jan 14, 2020

Milan (Italy) and Leiden (Netherlands) – 14 January 2019 – Axxam, the leading drug discovery company with expertise in early phase discovery biology, and ZoBio, the leading contract research organization in integrated fragment-based drug discovery, announce a strategic alliance to provide a combination of integrated discovery services spanning all phases from gene to fully optimized leads.

This alliance provides our partners access to a synergistic, industry-leading, integrated toolbox of protein production and engineering technologies and screening methods using cellular, biochemical, high content and biophysical assays. These capabilities are used to probe our innovative small molecule and fragment libraries for ideally behaved hits that can be evolved with our focused medicinal chemistry expertise supported by NMR and X-ray crystallography-based structural biology, all under a single, seamless contractual arrangement. The Axxam and ZoBio collaboration brings together decades of experience with unbeatable technology to help you to overcome your greatest drug discovery challenges.

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