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Despite the importance of ion channels and transporters in the pathogenesis of human diseases having been underlined for a long time, ion channel modulators account for only 2.8% of all FDA approved drugs. Nevertheless, the combination of recent technical electrophysiology breakthroughs, the ever-improving accuracy of genetic studies and the design of focused chemical libraries, has allowed the pharmaceutical community to tremendously increase ion channel research in the last decade. During this webinar we will illustrate how Axxam can support your needs in ion channel drug discovery: from the generation and validation of a cellular assay, allowing the high-throughput screening of compounds, to the study of the mode of action of a selected molecule, using single channel recording on a cell or even a subcellular organelle.
Indeed, while the biophysical and pharmacological characterization of ion channels within the plasma membrane is extensively documented, its organellar counterparts, which contribute for more than 80% of the cellular electrogenic transport, is still largely understudied.

Ion channels; automated patch-clamp; organellar electrophysiology; drug discovery; high throughput screening