Imaging based screening is an emerging wide-angle approach that allows information on the effect of bioactive compounds on biological pathways within complex physiological systems (including hiPSC) and relevant disease models, to be obtained. During this webinar we will show how Axxam uses its high-content platform to track multiple phenotypes and pathways at the cellular and subcellular levels in miniaturized high-throughput formats. This journey will encompass morphological and microscopical cellular analysis as well as the use of innovative smart assays, always with a focus disease relevance, thereby addressing important processes as autophagy, protein aggregation and translocation.

autophagy, aggregation, biomolecular condensates, High-Content Screening, drug discovery, phenotypic assays, imaging, iPSC, neurite outgrowth, subcellular localization and translocation, cytotoxicity, DNA damage, mitochondrial analysis


Webinar speakers: Stefan Lohmer and Fernanda Ricci