Company Profile

Axxam S.p.A. is a privately owned innovative Partner Research Organization (iPRO) and discovery company located at Openzone Science Park, Bresso (Milan, Italy), with chemistry laboratories located  in Naples (Italy) and business development offices in Europe, US and Japan. Since its inception in 2001, Axxam has provided excellent quality discovery services to its clients, distributed around the globe and active in the Life Sciences as pharmaceuticals, crop protection, animal health, cosmetics, fragrances, food and beverages. We have consolidated expertise across a broad range of discovery disciplines and innovative technologies including: assay development, high-throughput screening of both the Axxam high quality compound collections (synthetic and natural) or those provided by our clients, compound management, hit identification and hit validation.

Our passion for conducting clients’ discovery programs is complemented by the pharmaceutical industry experience from both, the management as well as the scientist teams. Each customer is equally important to us and this has been recognized by more than 70% of our business being based on repeated contracts.

We are guided by a truly collaborative mentality, based on transparent processes and open communication. We are providing resources, expertise in a broad range of target classes, know-how, but also a problem-solving attitude and passion for our work.

Axxam is also engaged in alliance-based research towards innovative small molecule therapies for diseases with a high unmet medical need. Axxam’s business terms are flexible, ranging from fee-for-service to risk-sharing deal structures.

Axxam has been accredited by the Italian Government as Innovative SME, under law 24/03/2015 n. 33.


Our capabilities and expertise include:

  • Molecular biology (cloning, gene expression analysis, protein expression, genomic engineering)
  • Assay development and reagent provision (cellular and biochemical systems)
  • Compound management
  • Fully automated High-Throughput Screening (various read-outs including also radiometric formats)
  • Fully automated High Content Screening and imaging
  • Hit characterization & profiling
  • Access to the AXXDIV3.0 compound collection (around 275,000 compounds)
  • Cardiac safety and liability profiling
  • Electrophysiology

These capabilities paired with our discovery mentality have allowed us to successfully execute:

  • Hit identification projects
  • Hit-to-lead projects
  • Lead optimization prgrams