Axxam’s headquarter moved to a new facility in January 2012. It now occupies 1,900 square meters (1,550 dedicated to labs and 350 for offices) of a dedicated research building in an industrial park (Openzone Science Park).

The layout of this new location reflects the increasing need from our clients for integrated hit-finding programs, requiring highly automated instrumentation and the highest industrial working standards. Moreover, the new laboratories are specifically designed to functionally follow the work process and are strategically deployed to avoid cross-contamination among the different work phases.

Our scientists work in an ergonomic lab environment designed to increase efficiency in all work  flows and facilitate communication among the different departments. The design concept of the new facility was developed in collaboration with a specialized engineering studio (www.generalplanning.com) and incorporates proven innovative solutions for discovery processes. In addition, Axxam has established medicinal chemistry laboratories in Naples and a business office in Cambridge, Mass. (located at the Cambridge Innovation Center – CIC).