Proprietary Drug Discovery Programs

We have exploited our deep understanding of GPCR and ion channel target biology, our assay development and HTS platforms and consolidated experience of translating excellent basic biology into leads and clinical candidates to generate a number of innovative proprietary small molecule discovery programs.

These programs have been chosen based on the following criteria:

  • A strong genetic validation of the target
  • A foundation of excellent biology and partnerships with world-class academic institutes
  • The ability to leverage our expertise and platforms in membrane protein drug discovery
  • Stringent chemical tractability and developability criteria
  • A general focus on inflammatory,  neuroinflammatory, neuroregenerative and metabolic disease processes

The programs have been initiated through investments from Axxam along with significant awards from research organizations including disease foundations, EU, Italian and regional grant agencies.
Axxam is actively engaged in partnering these programs either through out-licensing to pharmaceutical companies or via the founding of new asset-centric startup companies in which Axxam has an equity stake.