Discovery Services

Axxam supports the discovery efforts of its partners by providing tools, solutions and services for the hit discovery process.

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A team of highly skilled scientists with a proven performance-driven attitude provides access to its comprehensive discovery platforms, which includes expertise in:

  • Molecular biology (cloning, gene expression analysis, protein expression, genomic engineering)
  • Assay development (cellular and biochemical systems)
  • Reagent provision (proteins and cell lines)
  • Off-the-shelf assays ready for profiling and High Throughput Screening
  • Fully automated High Throughput Screening – 384/1536 format (several read-outs available including radiometric)
  • Fully automated phenotypic screening
  • Electrophysiology (manual and automated, high-thoughput)
  • Access to the AXXDIV4.0 compound collection (around 325,000 compounds) and to the Symegold library (around 75,000 compounds)
  • Compound management
  • Hit follow-up programs
  • Safety and liability profiling
  • Innovative technologies for smarter assays

Our research teams work closely with client scientists to translate project objectives into research plans.

Collaborating with us will give you the advantage of combined discovery expertise and target knowledge, derived from our historical pharma industry background.

We understand your needs and provide solutions for even your most challenging projects.