Hit Follow-up and Electrophysiology

Our hit follow-up service provides solutions for addressing selectivity, specificity and safety liabilities. Through the access to our extensive collection of assays we can immediately support the drug discovery efforts of our clients. Each of the following activities can be accessed separately or as part of an integrated solution.

  • Dose-response analysis to determine potency (IC50 and EC50  values) and discriminate between orthosteric and allosteric modulators
  • Specificity profiling using orthogonal assay formats
  • Selectivity profiling against close homologues of the primary target
  • Proof of Concept studies in physiologically relevant orthogonal assays and cell types


Axxam has more than 13 years experience in working with electrogenic proteins and a deep understanding of ion channel biology. Our Electrophysiology Unit offers detailed analysis of  compounds applying different experimental settings to elaborate on the compounds’ modes of action. Axxam offers both manual and automated patch-clamp facilities.
On the HEKA-based manual patch-clamp setup, a variety of protocols is available for both ligand and voltage-gated ion channels, as well as for transporters and exchangers. The platform is used during the assay development to validate our cell lines and for analyzing the pharmacological and biophysical behavior of testing compounds, along with profiling programs.

TheQPatch 16X-based automated Patch Clamp unit allows:

  • More than 300 data points per day
  • Medium throughput screening for hit discovery, hit confirmation and cardiac safety
  • Compound profiling on ready-to-use Axxam assays or on adapted client assays

Download the QPatch Validated Cell-Based Assays List

Axxam is currently working on the validation of further cell lines and can adapt customer cell lines upon request.