Ready-to-go Assays

Axxam offers a constantly growing number of optimised assays and cell lines for key drug discovery targets. Clients have access to Axxam’s Assay Suite by:

  • Directly purchasing cell lines or enzymes including the most appropriate protocol.
  • Requesting compound profiling activities to support internal SAR work
  • Selecting a specific target assay to conduct an HTS campaign at Axxam

Download the Cell based Assay List

The Axxam Assays Suite contains more than 180 cell-based and more than 50 biochemical assays for key drug discovery targets including a number of unique assays. Different reporter genes and detection systems coupled to specific signalling cascades are used, and assays are optimized for the standard 384-well format.


Open the following link to discover the cell-based assays panels available at Axxam.