Phenotypic Assay and Screening

Phenotypic image-based analysis represents an effective strategy to study disease-relevant processes in the complex physiological environment of the cells. Independently of the disease area (neurobiology, oncology, immunology, rare disease, metabolism, etc.), this approach allows validation of the relevant mechanism of action of drugs and/or targets through extraction of the rich information present in biological images at the cellular and subcellular levels.

Cell painting

Axxam’s high-content platforms include several assays investigating, in automated and miniaturized format, the most significant functions linked to human pathophysiology, such as autophagy, mis-localization, DNA damage, pathological aggregates and several others.

Available off-the-shelf assays can be accessed and customized to specific needs and new assays can also be generated upon request for screening purposes.

Our phenotypic assay platform

Phenotypic assays at Axxam are tailored with multiplexing and screening formats to get the most valuable throughput achievable.

Phenotypic screening platform

Cell-based models

High-content screening at Axxam can be performed on immortalized cell lines mimicking disease pathways, as well as on more physiological models, such as primary cell cultures and induced pluripotent stem (iPS)-derived cells accessible for example through trusted scientific partners (including Neuro-Zone Srl and FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics, Inc.).

Our platforms include relevant cell models for neurodegeneration diseases (such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s), neuropathic pain, inflammation diseases, degradation pathways and many more.

Disease-relevant models can also be tailored thanks to our state-of-the-art gene editing tools and reporter systems generation.

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Our image-based assays

Check below the phenotypic assays you can get access to at Axxam and contact us to find more information.

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