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Even in a pandemic, research and innovation never stops

In compliance with all the local and national guidelines and decrees on the COVID-19 emergency, Axxam has implemented strict contingency measures in order to protect the safety of the employees while preserving lab-based work and business continuity.

As we enter the second wave of COVID-19, we take this opportunity to thank and celebrate our incredible team that have not only adapted to the safe working measures but have expanded by about 15% and worked seamlessly to extend our capabilities in E-phys, screening, compound management and compound storage and increased our small molecule compound collection.

Axxam is an innovative Partner Research Organization (iPRO). We are a leading provider of integrated discovery services across Life Sciences industries including: pharmaceuticals, crop protection, animal health, cosmetics, fragrances, food and beverages. We have consolidated expertise across a broad range of discovery disciplines and innovative technologies including: assay development, high-throughput screening of both the Axxam high quality compound collections (synthetic and natural)  or those provided by our clients, compound management, hit identification and hit validation. Our performance-driven approach has been recognized by our clients as key to the success for their discovery programs. Axxam is also engaged in alliance-based research towards innovative small molecule therapies for diseases with a high unmet medical need. Axxam’s business terms are flexible, ranging from fee-for-service to risk-sharing deal structures.

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