Translating innovative biology
into bioactive molecules

Axxam is the innovative Partner Research Organization (iPRO): your trusted partner in science.

We find what you are looking for beyond the horizon of scientific knowledge.

Our team of experienced scientists provides services for the identification and validation of bioactive molecules across all life sciences industries. As a contract research organization (CRO), within the drug discovery disciplines, we support pharma and biotech companies, start-ups, patient foundations as well as academic groups in their journey from hit identification to lead generation, regardless of the therapeutic area and target class.

The same science-driven approach is also consequently applied to identify new bioactive compounds for crop protection and animal health and, through our research platform AXXSense, we discover novel flavours, fragrances and taste imparting or modulating ingredients to support the food, beverage, pet food, cosmetic and perfume industries.

We understand your needs and
provide solutions, even for your
most challenging projects.

Our science first-driven approach has been recognized by our clients as key to the success for their discovery programs.

Axxam excellence in biotech
Our excellence is the specific aptitude to have visions and ideas where others see only data.

Going beyond the limits
Thanks to our innovative and creative  spirit, we provide the best technological solutions associated with excellent scientific knowledge.

We are science-driven
A combination of cutting-edge science and team-work allow us to obtain high quality results.



Research and development project
Q-RARE: Integrated technological platform for the identification and development of new drugs for the treatment of rare diseases or those with a high need for unsatisfied treatment
Project co-financed by the European Union – National Operational Program for Enterprises and Competitiveness 2014-2020
CUP: B68I20000150005


Progetto di ricerca e sviluppo
Q-RARE: Piattaforma tecnologica integrata per l’identificazione e lo sviluppo di nuovi farmaci per il trattamento di patologie rare o ad elevato bisogno di cura insoddisfatto
Cofinanziamento dell’Unione europea – FESR, PON Imprese e Competitività 2014-2020
CUP: B68I20000150005

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