The Whistleblowing Procedure is an integral part of the Organization, Management and Control Model (Legislative Decree 231/01) and governs the handling of reports regarding misconduct that can be logged while protecting the anonymity of the reporter.

It applies to all employees and/or collaborators of the Company, but also to former employees, partners or suppliers.

Through the Whistleblowing channel violations, irregularities or illegal conduct (e.g. conduct that does not comply with the requirements contained in Legislative Decree 231/01, the Code of Ethics and other company documents or harassment, as indicated by UNI PdR 125) can be reported.

Reporting can take place through different channels specifically prepared:

The main purpose of Whistleblowing is to represent a fundamental channel of communication, aimed at activating the Company by taking charge of the reports, with concrete measures and actions to prevent or solve a problem promptly, in full consistency with the continual aim to improve quality that characterizes the Company.

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