Who we are

We are scientists specialized in life sciences. We are pioneers in basic scientific research, creative and visionary. We let ourselves be guided by the rigor of science and the beauty of the genius that is constantly breathed in our country of origin and that we spread all over the world.

Our core business

We provide excellent quality services in the early phases of drug discovery with the aim of generating new valuable leads. We develop customized cell-free and cell-based in-vitro assays covering a broad range of target classes, run high-throughput screening campaigns to identify hit compounds from both our high-quality compound collections (synthetic and natural) or those provided by our clients, using a variety of detection technologies, and support the hit-to-lead program of our clients to identify the most promising leads.


Our clients are companies operating in the life sciences: pharma and biotech companies, academic groups, research organizations and institutes in the drug discovery disciplines but also companies working in crop protection and animal health fields as well as food, beverage, pet food, cosmetic and perfume industries.

We have no geographical borders: Axxam operates all over the world bringing its highly scientific expertise recognized by all its clients.

We are research partners and not just “researchers”
As a contract research organization (CRO), we do not limit
ourselves to responding to a need expressed by the client; our approach provides a real intellectual contribution to the subject that is submitted to us.

A method, never equal to itself
The methodology adopted is that of problem solving. True problem solving, validated and enriched by the expertise of our team of scientists.

We value all of our clients
equally, regardless of their size
or the size of their projects.

Where we are

Axxam S.p.A. has offices in two highly popular and dynamic Italian cities: our headquarters and biology/screening laboratories are located at OpenZone Campus in Bresso, a small city on the outskirts of Milan, the heart of the economy, design and scientific research in Italy, while our medicinal chemistry laboratories are located at the Novartis Torre Campus in Torre Annunziata, very close to Naples, the capital of classical Mediterranean beauty.

We have business development offices at the Cambridge Innovation Center – CIC in Kendall Square (Cambridge, USA), at the Copenhagen Bio Science Park – COBIS (Copenhagen, Denmark) and at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area AG (Basel, Switzerland).

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