Compound Management

Our compound management services encompass a comprehensive array of tasks related to compounds and libraries. This includes automated storage, compound provisioning for high-throughput screening, and support for hit-to-lead programs. Within the domain of research, high-quality compounds and libraries serve as a paramount asset and a pivotal foundation for achieving desired outcomes. However, the full potential of this advantage remains untapped in the absence of established protocols and efficient logistics for sample management.

Axxam is equipped with state-of-the-art automated storage systems compatible with various formats, including vials, tubes and plates and bulk materials under controlled conditions (temperature of RT or -20°C, ultra-low humidity atmosphere guaranteed by dedicated compressors and dryers). Our systems operate using high-throughput pickers (up to 1.500 tubes/hour and over 170 plates/hour), capable of running autonomously day and night, thereby optimizing productivity to bolster subsequent stages of discovery programs and subsequent actions.

All sample information is centralized in our corporate database, allowing for quick selection and export of the required compound IDs, plates, or vial barcodes needed for screening and profiling activities.

Mother plate replication, cherry-picking of hits, a wide range of dose-response curve formats, are all activities that our compound management unit performs on a daily base. Our main drivers are parallelization and flexibility, adaptability and customization, maximization of throughput and processivity, as well as quick turnover from sample receipt to plate preparation and testing. This enables us to develop well-defined, high-quality standardized procedures that provide robust support to our clients.

We are equipped with both tip-based and acoustic-based technology instruments from industry leading providers, ensuring highly reliable and safe liquid handling performance and guaranteeing trustworthy results. We can process samples with a working volume range from nanoliters to milliliters, as stand-alone or integrated systems, allowing automatic tracking record, which is crucial in this field.

As part of our service, we offer complete packages of management and logistics of client compound collections. Handling and preparation of samples to be shipped to third parties can be executed with a fast turnover from receiving the request of activity, to the shipment of goods.

We have a dedicated office that takes care of import/export processes from and to Europe, Americas and Asia using the most reliable carriers for shipment in every format and under controlled conditions.

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