Discovery Services

Focusing on the first steps of the drug discovery process, our work to identify bioactive molecules with the desired pharmacological activity, such as the modulation of a target or a cellular pathway, is fundamental to pave the way toward the development of new drug compounds.
While our services from target validation to lead generation can be shortly described in three blocks, assay development, High-Throughput Screening and profiling/Hit-to-Lead, those include a variety of activities to be taken care of. We have units and scientists specialised in each step of the process, but all of them collaborate to provide our clients with the best strategy to tackle even the most challenging project.

Operational units at Axxam

Molecular Biology

Construct generation
Genome editing
RNA biology platforms


Cell-free assay development
Enzymatic & P-P/P-DNA/P-RNA interaction
Biophysical methods (TSA/MST)

Cell Biology

Cell-based assay development
Off-the-shelf assays
Optogenetics readout


Automated patch-clamp
Manual patch-clamp
Organellar patch-clamp

High Content

High content assay development
Phenotypic screening
Cell Painting

iPS Cells

iPSC differentiation
iPSC-derived cell assay development
Compound screening

High-Throughput Screening

Optical, ephys, imaging, gene expression readouts
Compound libraries

Compound Management

Storage and maintenance
Compound plate reformatting

Data Sciences

HTS Data Analysis
Chemoinformatic analysis

Analytical Services & MedChem

Small molecule quality check
Hit validation
Med-Chem Consultancy

We understand your needs and provide solutions
Our research teams work closely with client scientists to translate project objectives into research plans.

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