Axxam acquires Hit Discovery Constance

May 27, 2021

Axxam is proud to announce the entire acquisition of the share capital of Hit Discovery Constance GmbH (“HDC”). As a consequence, HDC founded in 2014 as a joint venture between Axxam, Centre for Drug Design and Discovery of KU Leuven and Lead Discovery Center GmbH, is now a subsidiary of Axxam. HDC is a company located in Constance, which is an attractive environment for life science-based companies with access to a great talent pool. Now fully belonging to the Axxam Group, HDC adds to Axxam’s portfolio by expanding our complementary technological platforms and scientific expertise, including high-throughput screening, high-content and radiometric screening, as well as compound storage and management services. Particularly noteworthy is the capability for acoustic dispensing which allows for HTS in 1536 well format.

Open the Press Release of the acquisition of HDC by Axxam

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