Axxam, leadXpro and MercachemSyncom Form a Strategic Alliance for Structure-based Drug Discovery Services

Oct 28, 2020

Bresso (Italy), Villigen (Switzerland) and Nijmegen (the Netherlands) – Axxam, leadXpro and MercachemSyncom today announced a strategic alliance that will allow them to offer world-class integrated structure-guided drug discovery services for membrane protein targets.

The alliance provides clients with a combination of transformational structural biology and computational chemistry for ion-channel, GPCR and transporter targets at leadXpro, enhanced by Axxam’s assay development, electrophysiology and HTS/HCS platforms and MercachemSyncom’s medicinal chemistry, ADME assays, process research and GMP manufacturing capabilities.

This combination of drug discovery platforms and expertise can now be accessed under a single, integrated contractual and project management arrangement by pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as academic translational organisations around the world.

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