Compound Management

Axxam has the capacity to store and handle compound libraries either in a Brooks Universal Labstore 600 or in a REMP facility.
(Download: Compound Management Hub)


Compound arrival, registration and handling is performed according to internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to guarantee:

  • Integrity of the plates and the conservation status of the compounds
  • Barcode acquisition and matching to the packing list sent by the provider
  • Immediate plate storage in the most appropriate conditions
  • Upload of the mapping data into Axxam’s screening database (SB3)

Compound handling activities provided:

  • Cherry picking of hits and custom libraries
  • Plate copying, dilution preparation, screening-ready plates


Axxam has two different solutions for compounds storage:

Universal Labstore UL-600. Axxam uses a Universal Labstore 600 (UL-600) supplied by Brooks to store up to 14,000 plates in a dry atmosphere at -20°C. The Universal Labstore offers strict monitoring of storage conditions, a redundant cooling system for maximum compound safety, and comprehensive tracking of plate locations.

This activity has been launched with the contribution of

REMP Store is capable of holding up to 128,000 plates or tube racks in a dry and oxygen-free atmosphere at -20°C. This store also strictly monitors storage conditions, is equipped with a redundant cooling system and is highly secured with respect to fire protection. The system is controlled by a redundant SAS database, operated in two different buildings.