Your channel, our solution

Are you working with electrogenic proteins? Do you need support studying ion channel, transporter and exchanger biology? Our team of skilled electrophysiologists have at their disposal a panel of both manual and automated patch-clamp devices allowing them to define the best strategy to assist your request.

Our platforms are used during the assay development phase to pharmacologically and biophysically validate “in house generated” or transferred cell lines. Then, using the suitable tools, we design fine-tuned experimental conditions to perform small and medium-scale compound testing and primary screenings, as well as hit validation experiments and mode of action studies on ligand- and voltage-gated ion channels using the proper configuration (cell attached, whole-cell, inside-out or outside-out).

Discover our patch clamp platforms:

Several manual patch-clamp rigs and a Port-a-Patch device (Nanion)

Cell painting
  • Whole cell, inside- and outside-out configurations
  • Cellular and organellar electrophysiology
  • Low throughput compound profiling & mode-of-action studies
  • Optogenetics
  • iPSC-derived cell electrophysiology
  • Fast internal (Port-a-Patch) and external solution exchange

QPatch 16X and QPatch II (Sophion)

Cell painting
  • Medium-high throughput screening for hit discovery, hit confirmation and SAR campaigns
  • On off-the-shelf assays or on adapted clients’ assays
  • Preliminary cardiac safety profiling
  • Suitable for iPSC-derived cell electrophysiology
  • Implemented for Genedata analysis settings

SyncroPatch 384i (Nanion)

Cell painting
  • Fully automated high throughput screening for hit discovery, hit confirmation and SAR campaigns
  • On tailored-made assays or on clients’ assays
  • Suitable for clone selection during cell line generation
  • Fast internal solution exchange
  • Implemented for Genedata analysis settings

Off-the-shelf assays

Axxam has already validated several assays that can immediately been used for services and additional assays can be adapt upon Client’s request. Contact us for additional information.

Interested in going deeper into the cell?

In the last few years, Axxam has developed a huge expertise on organellar electrophysiology by manual or semi-automated mode allowing the study of ion channels localized on the membrane of nuclei (NucleoPatch), lysosomes (LysoPatch) and mitochondria (MitoPatch).

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