HTS in search of RNA splicing modulators, using a HiBit assay

Webinar Summary:

Cytoplasmic aggregation of mis-localized proteins is a common pathological hallmark in neurodegenerative disorders. Dysregulation of nuclear DNA binding proteins crucial for RNA stabilization, transcription, and splicing leads to aberrant gene expression, resulting in the accumulation of truncated variants. Recent findings directly associate these variants with severe neurological conditions. We developed a bioluminescent cell-based assay capable of mimicking this pathology through inducible protein depletion, utilizing HiBiT tagging of the gene of interest (GOI). Our fast, sensitive and simple assay enables high-throughput screening for RNA splicing modulators, offering a potential avenue to restore proper expression of the wild-type GOI isoform, and therefore of the wild-type protein.

In this webinar, Dr. Gene Ananiev from Promega will introduce the HiBiT epitope tag and its various advantages for high-throughput applications. Gianluca Conti from Axxam, will illustrate the assay principle and will show the results obtained by an HTS campaign.


HiBiT protein tagging technology; Bioluminescent cell-based assay; Inducible protein depletion;  High-throuput screening (HTS); RNA splicing modulators; Neurodegenerative disorders.


  • Gene Ananiev, Senior Program Manager, Tailored R&D Solutions team, Promega

  •  Gianluca Conti, Deputy, HTS Automation, Axxam

Dr. Gene E. Ananiev serves as the Senior Program Manager within Promega Corporation’s Tailored R&D Solutions (TRS) team. In this role, he specializes in compound profiling and high-throughput screening (HTS), overseeing early-stage drug development projects for Promega clients. Dr. Ananiev brings a robust background in academic research to his position at Promega. Before his current role, he was the Director of an academic high-throughput screening center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His laboratory there was instrumental in designing and executing HTS campaigns aimed at identifying novel drug targets across various therapeutic areas, including neurodevelopmental disorders and infectious diseases. This extensive experience in HTS and drug target validation enhances his expertise in managing complex drug development projects, ensuring innovative solutions for Promega’s clients.

Dr. Gianluca Conti is currently Deputy of the High-Throughput Screening and Automation group at Axxam with extensive experience in the field of high-throughput screening (HTS) campaigns to identify new small molecules in the early stages of drug discovery research. He has a Ph.D. in Biotechnology from the University of Insubria (Varese, Italy), where he focused his research in the field of protein engineering. He joined Axxam in 2015, initially working on the development and the strategic design of functional biochemical assays for HTS across a broad range of targets. As a Principal Scientist in the HTS group, he gained a deep expertise in the field of HTS, which has been consolidated over the last 5 years by executing and coordinating HTS campaigns on biochemical and cellular assays with a wide variety of read-outs. During his career, he was both author and co-author of peer-reviewed scientific publications in highly ranked international journals.

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