SLAS Europe

We’re thrilled to announce our participation in SLAS Europe 2023 (22-26 May) and would like to invite you to visit us at booth #620.

Angela, Atf, Alessandro, Lucia and Rebecca will be there to showcase our innovative, science-driven early-stage drug discovery services. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet some of our top scientists.

If you are attending SLAS in Brussels next week, don’t forget to stop by our posters and chat with our scientists, or come and meet the team at Booth #620.

  •  Poster 1010-A: Uncovering HTS-grade cellular assays for protein-protein interactions (featuring Promega Corporationtechnology)
  • Poster 1052-A: Antagonists of Transient Receptor Potential-Mucolipin 1 as new therapeutic opportunities for cancer
  • Poster 1092-A: Riding the Calcium Wave: High-Throughput Insights from Spontaneous and Induced Ca2+ Oscillations using Relevant iPSC-based Models (featuring FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics iPSC)
  • Poster v1063-B: Citron kinase: the tasty juice of the early drug discovery
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