Jean-Francois Rolland

Jean-Francois Rolland is the Director of the Biological Sciences Department in Axxam. He joined Axxam in November 2011 where he established the laboratory of electrophysiology, becoming then in 2015 Head of the Electrophysiology Group.

Prior to Axxam Jean-Francois has worked four years in Xention (Cambridge, UK) as Principal Scientist ensuring the biophysical and pharmacological validation of new cell lines and the compound profiling on different electrophysiological platforms. In addition, he was co-ordinator for 3 “Framework7 European Commission” projects and 1 EUROSTARS project.

Jean-Francois has obtained his postgraduate diploma in Electrophysiology at the University of Poitiers (France) and progressed his studies with a PhD in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Louvain (Brussels, Belgium) and five years of post-doctoral studies at the University of Bari (Italy). As a result of more than 25 years’ experience in ion channels field, he is co-author of more than 35 publications, co-inventor of one patent and has been invited several times to present his work at international meetings such as satellite workshops of the Annual Biophysical Society meetings: “Drug Discovery for Ion Channels” conferences and at the “Japanese Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting”.

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