Jörg Hüser

Jörg Hüser joined Axxam in June 2023 as Chief Scientific Officer. Following his academic training in biology, Jörg’s career spans more than 20 years in different leadership positions within Bayer AG’s Pharma Research. Starting in Lead Discovery, he was leading bioassay and HTS activities at Bayer’s Wuppertal research campus from 2006 to 2015. Together with Medicinal Chemistry the group built one of industry’s leading small molecule discovery units with a steadily growing multi-million compound library. Driving continuous innovations in assay biology, plate reader, liquid handling and related lab automation technologies the team rigorously combined miniaturization in ultra-High-Throughput Screening with state-of-the-art cell-based and biochemical assay techniques to routinely screen the comprehensive collection.

A number of products and numerous clinical pipeline assets can be traced back to these efforts. In 2012, Jörg was among a core team of EFPIA representatives to conceptualize and implement the IMI project European Lead Factory, a public-private partnership providing target ideas from academia access to industrial drug screening.

In 2015 he moved on to take responsibility for one of Bayer’s preclinical pharmacology groups focussing on cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. The scope of his responsibilities stretched from designing indication specific research strategies, driving the group’s project portfolio through preclinical development, to contributing to early clinical translation.

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