Axxam enhances its screening capacity with the acquisition of QPatch 16X

Axxam enhances its screening capacity with the acquisition of QPatch 16X

Axxam, a leading contract research and discovery company for the life science industry, announces that it has further enhanced its screening capacity on  ion channels  with the acquisition of the QPatch 16X instrument, an automated patch-clamp device developed by Sophion (Denmark).  This device allows fully automated, highly reliable and stable measurement of both voltage- and ligand-gated ion channels through gigaseal quality recordings.

“Increasing the already existing capacity to screen for compounds active on ion channels is a natural evolution for us” said Stefan Lohmer, CEO of Axxam. “Our company, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary, has a rich history of successful collaborative research programs in the field of ion channels. The increasing requests of our existing customers and the wish to accommodate future collaborators’ needs, lead us to acquire the QPatch 16X“.

Axxam is therefore now able to offer a comprehensive range of services that covers all the needs a partner would require, from the high throughput screening on the ion channel target of interest, to the inter-family selectivity. Also, cardiac liability tests are available to our clients, with particular attention to the in vitro hERG testing which is a critical step for both the clinical development and the approval by regulatory Agencies of a drug candidate (ICH guideline S7B).

The QPatch 16X is now fully operating in Axxam’s new facilities in Bresso (Milan), with ongoing screening for already existing projects thanks also to the high-qualified technical assistance provided by Sophion as well as by the on-site collaboration and supervision of Dr. Jean-Francois Rolland, a recognized expert in automated patch-clamp.

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