Axxam SpA is happy to announce the foundation and establishment of IMAX Discovery GmbH (IMAX)

Axxam SpA is happy to announce the foundation and establishment of IMAX Discovery GmbH (IMAX)

Based in Dortmund, IMAX is a joint venture between IMD and Axxam SpA in Italy.
Axxam is a leading discovery company that offers early-stage discovery services, technologies and lead discovery programs for application in the life science industry. Their tools, core technologies and activities include a wide range of screening assays, specific assay development, high-throughput screening (HTS) campaigns, compound profiling and hit-to-lead activities. The company has particular expertise in the area of GPCRs, ion channels and other flavour relevant targets.
IMD is a world class natural product-based discovery company. Founded on a strong technology platform, the company generates proprietary product pipelines of ingredients for functional foods and cosmetics, and also supports partners in research and lead generation.

Since 2008, IMD and Axxam have been collaborating to discover natural taste compounds and taste modulators, and have now founded IMAX to establish a separate platform for their successful activities in the taste and flavour arena. The uniqueness of the approach lies in the combination of IMD and Axxam’s technology platforms: by combining their technologies, IMD and Axxam were able to create an innovation engine with superior efficiency and productivity in the discovery of natural product-based functional ingredients.
IMAX offers an integrated industrialized approach to the screening, discovery, profiling and provision of innovative natural source-derived functional ingredients for various life science applications.

This “pharma like” technology platform utilizes exclusive access to one of the world’s largest natural compound collections as well as leading assay development and high throughput screening assets. This setup allows for an accelerated, efficient and productive discovery of “all natural” new and innovative flavour and taste modifying compounds.

The pre-selection of natural compounds based on criteria like target activity and toxicity evaluation through pharma HTS and natural product discovery technology will deliver pre-qualified compounds to the taste panels. As this applied pre-selection process uses harder criteria than traditional approaches, it will logically lead to a substantial increase in probability of success (PoS) in the sensory evaluation.
IMAX is currently working on nine development projects covering a broad range of taste applications.

If you would like more information about IMAX and its exciting development opportunities, please contact via email Sabrina Corazza ([at] or Peter Reinemer (Peter.Reinemer[at]

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