Biochemical Assays

Axxam has extensive experience in the development of functional biochemical assays for High-Throughput Screening (HTS), hit-to-lead and lead optimization activities across a broad range of target classes, including:

  • Oxidoreductases, comprising several Histone Demethylases
  • Transferases, comprising several Kinases
  • Hydrolases, comprising Proteases, Deubiquitinases, Lipases, and HDACs
  • Ligases
  • Protein-protein and protein-DNA interaction assays

Biochemical assays for different therapeutic areas are configured at Axxam in 384 well format with state-of-the-art screening technologies covering:

  • Absorbance
  • Fluorescence, including fluorescence intensity, TR-FRET, fluorescence polarization
  • Luminescence, including AlphaScreen® technology
  • Radiometric systems, including flashplate technology and SPA

Axxam has in-depth expertise in establishing assays on cytosolic, secreted and transmembrane enzymes co-expressed with cofactors and accessory subunits, to better comply with the hit finding strategy and the physiological environment of the target.

Axxam offers a proven expertise in protein production (expression, purification and proof of activity) for HTS-suitable assays, also in case of challenging targets: Axxam researchers count several successful examples of homomultimeric and heteromultimeric targets and of integral transmembrane enzymes.

Axxam offers a customized service of biochemical assays development in order to support its client discovery projects.

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